Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Push Around Roll Lifter and Rotator

Need to lift and rotate rolls of packaging materials?

The Easy lift Roll Handler is an ideal tool for loading and unloading wind/unwind equipment. Simply push the unit to a pallet and grab a roll even with the core eye to the sky. The clamping jaw system operates using a push button hydraulic motor which puts enough pressure to keep your smooth side poly prop roll from slipping yet delicate enough that it wont punctrue through the first x layers ruining product. Once the roll is clamped simply give it a little lift and transport to machinery where you can then rotate the roll to desired position.

Since the unit lifts from the outside this leaves the core exposed which ideal for placing an air chuck or mandrel. For those application where you are shipping product just follow the same system in reverse.

Several options available:
  • Scale system so you can check weigh your vendors or ship out by weight.
  • DC power lift, clamp, rotation
  • Offset jaw system for picking rolls up when laying core horizontal on the floor
  • Air powered lift, clamp and rotation
  • FDA approved coatings for food grade applications.
  • Various lift height and capacities (standard is 1,000 pounds)
  • Various jaw sizes and inserts for handling various size rolls.
Contact us with your application and we will be glad to get you pricing as well as information on our trial program.

We also have a counter balanced Roll Hauler model which incorporates power travel as well.

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