Monday, February 11, 2008

Lift Rolls and Coils by the Core

Our Roll Hauler can be equipped with roll posts so that you have the ability to lift rolls by the core. Photo shows model with capabilities to lift 1000 pound rolls to heights as high as 120 inches. Also installed on this units is a side shifter which allows the load to be shifted both left and right 4" for a total of 8" of stroke.

Many other options available as well.

For more information or to receive a quotation please contact us

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Self powered Roll Clamp Rotator for Forklifts & Stackers

Self Powered Roll Clamp Rotator
Clamps & Rotates Roll Materials 360 Degrees (Self Contained)

  • Completely self-contained power with no hydraulic or electrical connections required.
  • Clamp & rotation functions mounted in control box with magnetic backing on coil cord to lift truck with safety clamp & unclamp features to eliminate accidental slippage.
  • Control box cord equipped with quick disconnect
  • Adjustable rotation speed and clamping pressure with variable flow and pressure regulators.
  • 360-degree continuous rotation, left or right.
  • Mounts on any ITA Class II carriage of lift truck, walkie stacker or straddle stacker.
  • Quick and simple 2 bolt removal from lift truck without any hydraulic or electrical connections.

  • Maximum load capacity: 2,000 lb./ 908 kg.
  • Handle roll diameters if measured through the core from 18" / 457 mm to 42" / 1067 mm
  • Rotation: 360 degrees, continuous
  • Rubber faced clamping pads: 16" / 406 mm in overall height.
  • Battery pack and internal automatic charger included in power compartment
  • Dimensions: Maximum Width: 47"/ 1194mm
  • Maximum Length: 48"/1219mm
  • Attachment Weight: 825 lb.
  • Finish: Powder Coat Safety Yellow

Several other roll clamp models available. Contact your local rep for Trial & Pricing Info

Video Below shows custom clamp handling 72" diameter roll.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Roll Posts on Easy lifts

The EasyLift™ Drum Transporter has been adapted to handle roll materials for a variety of applications.

Standard features & line drawings for these models can be found in the EasyLift™ Drum Transporter brochure.

Available with the following options:
  • Lift heights from floor level to 108” above the floor level.
  • An aluminum roll post capable of lifting rolls by the core in lengths to 60” in capacities to 1000 lbs.
  • A stainless steel rotation roll platform mounted to forks built to the required specifications of the application.
  • Manual foot lever lift or DC powered lift
  • FDA approved epoxy powder coatings in gray or white.
  • Scales for highly accurate weighing of roll materials.

Roll Rotating Platforms also available. (more info to come..)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Offset Clamping Jaws: Lift Roll in Core Horizontal

With our offset clamping jaw system placed on our Roll Hauler or Easy Lift Roll Handler an operator can place a roll flat on the pallet even when the core is in the horizontal position.

By take one of the clamping jaws and shortening it a bit and lengthening the other, the equipment can easily rest the roll onto a flat surface where clearance is an issue.

See the video below for an example using our Larger LRCR jaw system. Various Jaw sizes for specific applications.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Add more POWER to your roll handling w. the Roll Hauler

EasyLift All-Power Roll Haulers w. power drive

Roll-Haulers eliminate injuries associated with the manual handling of roll materials. They provide a self-powered means to grip, lift, transport and rotate rolls from pallets to converting machines or vice versa. Simply drive the compact unit to the pallet or wind machine, engage the soft rubber lined jaws around any poly or paper rolled material and give it a little lift. Transport the unit to desired area where you can rotate or manipulate the roll into any suitable position.

Thanks to Roll Hauler's counterweight the unit has the ability to place rolls on/off pallets and machinery where REACH is required. With the standard unit sitting at only 27" wide and 77.25" tall the unit is ideal for working around tight aisle-applications ways and through doorways.

Several options are available making it an ideal for just about any application:
  • Scale system so you can check weigh your vendors or ship out by weight.
  • Offset jaw system for picking rolls up when laying core horizontal on the floor
  • FDA approved coatings for food grade applications.
  • Battery Roll Out Stations for 3 shift operations
  • Various jaw sizes and inserts for handling various size rolls.
  • Elimination of Rotation
  • Fixed platforms to cradle the rolls.
  • Side Shifters
  • Increased lift heights up to 120" plus.
  • Gel Cell Batteries | Maintenance Free
  • Roll Posts
  • and many more..
View the video below for more detailed information / demonstrations on the Roll Hauler models. Please contact us with any questions. Push around models also available.